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Customer Services & Application Research
Customer Services (CS) group is dedicated to HPL’s polymer business activities. CS provides support and functions for continuous enhancement of customer satisfaction through polyolefin product & application research. This is achieved by new product development and quality enhancement of existing products for changing customer needs.
Customer Focus
Customer Services plays catalytic roles in developing new customers & markets for HPL products. The activities of CS focus on:
Assisting customers for HPL grade selection
Extending technical support to customers
Providing processing guidelines and application related information
Providing testing and analytical support on raw materials and finished products
New product development and customization for specific market requirements
Conformance to statutory requirements for HPL products
Product positioning, trials and technical establishment
Monitoring customer feedback and optimization of product design
Customer Services functions as an interface between customers and the polyolefin manufacturing plants. The CS group works in tandem with the customers to understand their technical needs and help them achieve their business objectives with HPL’s products.
CS interacts with customers to anticipate their emerging needs and future market requirements and initiates necessary measures for facing new challenges.
Customer Services plays a key role in defining HPL’s product quality. This is augmented with periodic quality reviews and benchmarking.
Applied Research and Innovation
Since its inception CS has contributed to the growth of HPL by introducing, developing and retaining world-class quality products in a competitive market.

CS activities in the domain of Applied Research in polyolefins are tuned to serve HPL’s long term polymer business objectives. The research activities are guided by existing manufacturing capacities and challenges in times to come.

The polymer product basket of HPL is a manifestation of the innovative instincts augmented by rigorous evaluations and analytical initiatives of the CS team.

HPL polyolefin grades for the Indian and the Exports market:

Halene H (HDPE)
Halene P (PP)
Halene L (LLDPE)

The specialty products of HPL developed by CS group’s innovative ideas and efforts include LLDPE grade for wire & cable applications, LLDPE drip lateral pipe grade, No break PP impact copolymer grade, High MFI HDPE for Injection Molding, Hi MFI PP Impact Copolymer for Compounding & Automotive applications, etc.

HPL enjoys major customer lock-in owing to the extensive support from CS. The sectors in which ‘Brand Halene’ enjoys customer preference in the Indian and overseas markets include HMHDPE film, HDPE Pipe, HDPE Blow Molding, PP Raffia, PP Thermoforming, PP Impact Copolymers for furniture, battery, automobile & luggage sectors, PP Random Copolymer for medical applications, HDPE Injection Molding, LLDPE Rotomolding,BOPP & TQPP films.
Performance Additives – Developments and Collaborations
CS team is responsible for performance additives as part of polyolefin product design. HPL polyolefin grades have been additivated to meet the processing as well as end use requirements of target sectors. These are reviewed and modified to meet the changing market needs of new processing machines and user preferences. CS ensures the additivation packages are designed to meet world class product performance.

New generation additives are evaluated to add value to HPL products and provide the same to the customers.
CS collaborates with world leaders in additives to build a synergistic relationship that ensures that HPL products retain their edge over competitors. HPL has played key role in evaluating and launching new products from additive suppliers of international repute.
Plastic Machinery Tie-ups
CS interacts and works closely with plastics processing machinery & mold manufacturers. This exchange is focused towards the application areas and markets where HPL is currently present as well as for future expansion options.
Leading Indian machinery manufacturers design and optimize their machine for throughput and end product quality based on HPL polyolefins. This provides particular advantage to customers adding new processing capacities and with plans to source raw materials from HPL
Knowledge Dissemination and Training Initiatives
Product Knowledge Programs are arranged by Customer Services to disseminate product related information.
CS also organizes training programs for the benefit of plastic processing industries in bringing new concepts, exhibition of new products, sharing knowledge of latest technologies, development in plastics processing and applications.
Systems, Monitoring and Review
CS group has established quality management systems to measure, monitor and control quality and its improvements. The performance of CS is continually assessed through SQC tools, external and internal customer surveys, auditing and self assessments.
CS plans, performs and monitors its designated activities to conform to the organization’s Integrated Management Systems in line with ISO 9001 standards.
Facilities – Testing and Analysis
CS is equipped with a world class analytical laboratory for customer support to aid end-use development. The testing facilities include analysis of polyolefin properties covering areas like:
Polyolefin raw material:
  Melt behavior and Flow
Finished Products:
  Material identification
CS polyolefin processing facilities include:
  Twin-screw compounding
  Injection molding
  Blow Molding
  Blown film extrusion

For any query E-mail at:

For Polypropylene : ppcs@hpl.co.in

For Polyethylene : pecs@hpl.co.in
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