Chairman's Message


Since 2015 due to the efforts of many people, particularly the HPLites who are working hard, we have achieved a significant turnaround and made HPL a world-class company selling high quality products to all our customers and delighting them. A part of our mission is to focus on the talents that we have, acquire global quality talent and nurture that talent force. To take care of the environment in which we operate, the community that we serve and keep our innovation and R & D engine going are also our top concerns. We realise it’s important to intensify our Research & Development to be able to innovate and achieve our goals
As you know we buy large amounts of naphtha from refineries and recently with the acquisition of MCPI, the erstwhile Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation’s PTA business, we are also consuming a large amount of paraxylene. So we are looking towards having a backward integration to achieve supply security. In today’s world, value addition to chemicals and polymers is a priority. We are looking towards going closer to B2B customers who are in direct touch with the end users. We would like to be more in value-added segments both for our chemicals as well as for our polymers
Plastic is a wonderful material but its after-use management is not at par with the innovation that has taken place. So, in synergy with our environment management mission we want to be able to recycle plastic waste that is out there. We are aware of our responsibility towards society and always try to be a good corporate citizen. We will continue to invest in this particular area to support the community and the environment. HPL is a symbol of the industrial resurgence of the east. We cherish this role and will continue to be able to play an even bigger role in the days to come.

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