The Company

Our Vision

To be a profitable, efficient and customer-focused organization, recognized as a leading supplier of quality products and services.

Delivering value to its shareholders
Dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction
Demanding yet a caring employer
Fair and courteous to its vendors
Striving to be a responsible corporate citizen

The Beginning

Established in the ‘90s as a symbol of industrial resurgence in West Bengal, Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. or HPL was the first integrated petrochemicals complex situated in Haldia, 125 kms from Kolkata in West Bengal.

With a state-of-the-art naphtha cracker complex constructed in a record time of 36 months, HPL started production in the year 2000, during the turn of the millennium. Continuous drive for improvement and optimization led to rapid growth of the company’s capacity, reaching 700 KTA from 420 KTA in a short time.


The sprawling HPL plant in Haldia is an impressive sight with formidable infrastructural strength. It has control rooms with advanced process control features for safe and reliable operations; a captive power plant with 116 MW capacity; extensive water storage and handling facilities; dedicated feedstock and product pipelines up to the jetty.

Quality that the world trusts

HPL is a preferred supplier of polymers and chemicals around the world. Its reputation as a quality manufacturer has spread far and wide. That’s because HPL has robust processes as well as Quality Control & Quality Assurance systems in place to deliver unfailing quality.

Evolving through R&D

HPL invests substantially in R&D to meet the needs that may arise in the future and to be able to stay ahead of the times. India’s first PE112 pipe grade for potable water distribution was developed by HPL’s R&D Centre. HDPE yarn grades for tarpaulins and agricultural covers were also developed in-house, setting quality standards in China, Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

HPL is one of the largest petrochemical companies in India with a total capacity equivalent to 7,00,000 TPA of ethylene. Process technologies for various manufacturing plants have been selected from internationally renowned vendors with an aim to produce world-class hyphenated products with excellent safety and environment considerations. Notable process technology suppliers and contractors for the project include

HPL acquired majority stake