Haldia Petrochemicals Limited manufactures 3,41,000 tonnes polypropylene per annum using Spheripol-II technology licensed by LyondellBasell, Netherlands. Spheripol process is the most widely accepted technology for manufacturing Homopolymers and Copolymer grades. The unique process capabilities and high consistency in product morphology ensure excellent quality.

These products from HPL are of benchmark quality, meeting the highest international standards and are used extensively by Woven sacks, Packaging Film, Paint Pail, consumer durables, houseware, furniture, Battery box, container or luggage manufacturers in India and abroad. Due to superior quality, HPL products are in demand in various countries from EU, South East Asia, USA etc. HPL products are exported to several countries in the world.

Technology Partner :
LyondellBasell, Netherlands

Major Polypropylene Grades

Category Grade MFI Density Major Applications Datasheet MSDS
Homopolymer -
R103 3.3 0.90 Raffia Tapes for Woven Sacks & Fabrics
T103 3.3 0.90 Thermoformed Cups & Containers
F103 3.3 0.90 BOPP Film - General Purpose, Lamination & Metallizable
F110 11.0 0.90 TQ and Cast Films for General Purpose Packaging
F135 35 0.90 Nonwoven Fabric, Multifilament Yarns, Extrusion Coating
Homopolymer –
Injection Molding
M103 3.0 0.90 General Purpose Injection Molding
M106 6.0 0.90 General Purpose Injection Molding
M108 8.0 0.90 General Purpose Injection Molding
M110 10.0 0.90 General Purpose Injection Molding, Furniture
Impact Copolymer –
Injection Molding
M304 3.5 0.90 Automotive Components, Crates, Pails, Furniture etc.
M307 7.0 0.90 General Purpose Injection Molding
M310 10.0 0.90 Battery Boxes
M311T 10.0 0.90 Compounding, Luggage, Industrial & Automotive Components
M312 12.0 0.90 Compounding, Automotive Components, Luggage & Pails
M340 40.0 0.90 Compounding, Automotive components, Appliances & TWIM
M365 65.0 0.90 Compounding, Automotive components, Appliances & TWIM
Random Copolymer –
Blow Molding
B202S 1.9 0.90 Bottle & Containers for Medical and Transparent Products
Random Copolymer –
Injection Molding
M212S 12 0.90 High Clarity Injection Molded Containers & Components