Life at HREL

Learning & Development

To attain the next level of excellence and to withstand increasing competition in business, HPL is in its transformation journey to embrace this change and emerge as world class entities capable of surviving in a competitive environment. Adopting appropriate technology and developing people’s capability is the key focus of HPL leadership team. Keeping the organization’s goal in mind we are driven by the philosophy of People First.

We are experiencing technological disruption and global integration at a speed we could never imagine earlier. Driven by these we are progressing faster at an unprecedented rate and this is how we are building people's capability in a different way with our Digital Transformation Programs.

The organization is developing agility to accelerate performance in this rapidly changing world. We are creating a Growth Mind-set culture which thrives on challenge, learning fast from failures, building on ideas, trying new things and embracing continuous learning.

A continuing process of developing employees’ behavioural and leadership skills through various workshops and training programs. Other trainings include Skill Development trainings, Assessment & Development Centres for our senior managers, Lifestyle transformation Programs and workshops, Awareness Programs on Health & safety, Workshops on POSH, Critical Illness Awareness Program, so on and so forth.

Human Capital Diversity

Being a manufacturing process industry, we work for 24x7 in our Plant. Still the overall gender ratio distribution of the organization is 7 female employees to 100 male employees and we are committed to improve on the same.

Being a young and vibrant organization the average age of employees (both Management & Non-Management) is below 40 years.

HPL employs best in quality talents in all functions of its business, both in Management and Non- Management categories.