HSE Management


"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity"- World Health Organization (WHO)

We, at HPL, fully appreciate WHO definition of health and take utmost care to ensure that all workers are provided with best preventive care and medication facilities. We believe in preventing illnesses and thus ensure awareness about likely health hazards and safeguards, safe and hygienic workplace, periodic health checkups and awareness about nutritional aspects of foods etc. Some salient features of healthcare management within HPL include:

Special health check-ups of workers engaged in hazardous areas
Exhaustive training programs on first aid measures, burns etc.
Round-the-clock operation of occupational health center


Since inception, HPL has been focused towards implementing world class HSE practices during construction and operational phases. Excellent safety records during construction and operation are proud testimonials of the practices being followed within the organization.

Safety management practices in HPL are established on the concept of safety being a "line function" and require "involvement of all". The dedicated HSE department acts as a facilitator and advisor for implementing the company wide HSE management practices taking support from all concerned teams. Some key features of the safety management practices include -

Documented HSE Manual consisting defined procedures for work permit, excavation, change management, accident investigation etc. to establish safe work practices within organization
Concept of safety ambassadors within each department to promote and propagate safety awareness and practices
Establishment of 5-tier HSE committees to ensure participation of various levels of workers in managing safety at workplace and formulating/ reviewing guidelines State-of-the art fire fighting facilities


Starting commercial production in 2001, HPL has been the benchmark in environmental performance within the industry. The top management has been dedicated to environmental protection since design stages of the plant. As a result, state-of-the art technology has been selected from globally reputed licensors considering environmental performance as utmost criteria.

HPL believes more in pollution prevention than pollution control. Several design measures have been adopted to prevent pollution from various manufacturing and related activities. Besides these, a state-of-the art wastewater treatment plant and incinerator has been provided to handle the liquid waste and solid waste generated from various processes.

HPL believes in a harmonious relationship with nature and has developed greenbelt in more than 103-hectare area surrounding the plant boundary. More than 1, 60,000 trees are proud testimonials to HPL's commitment to environment. The rich bio-diversity inside the plant acts as catalysts to invigorate the creativity and productivity of our employees.

An ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company, HPL leads from the front in adopting global practices in environmental management. In alignment with IndiaĆ¢'s commitment to Kyoto Protocol, HPL is already working on two major projects to reduce green house gas emissions to the atmosphere. HPL is fully compliant to Charter on Corporate Responsibility for Environmental Protection (CREP) since its formulation in 2003.